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( IMSA : GTU and GTO )


The Mariah GTU Package is the 2nd Kent Racing body package design. This package helped win the 1981-1985 IMSA GTU Championships. Package includes a front airdam, two door caps, four flared fenders, and a fiberglass rear bumper. It is designed to accommodate up to 10×16″ wheels. It is distinguished by its “cassette deck” front radiator opening and round front brake cooling ducts.


Tech Note: Width over front fenders is 70.5 inches. Width over the rear fenders is 70.5 inches. Do not purchase wide wheels and tires for your car until you have received your body package and can confirm tire width, wheel width, and tire clearances with specific wheel offsets. Also, be aware that different race groups place limits on track width, tire and wheel sizes which can affect your decisions. These details are ultimately your responsibility.